Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Girls In Those 80's Videos

I don't link to many articles here.  If you are on Facebook or Twitter or have sites you go to on a daily basis, most of the good stuff gets linked elsewhere.  But sometimes I find something too interesting to pass up.  Like the one below:

Girls in 80's Videos

Writer Marc Tyler Nobleman has decided to track down those girls you remember from the Night Ranger, Huey Lewis, Outfield, etc. videos that you and I loved in the 80's.

The first article's link is near the bottom of his page and starts with Huey Lewis. This would actually make a good book or article for some kind of nostalgic magazine, music or otherwise.  But for now it's on his own blog.
And, yes, this is something someone posted on Facebook.  Which I am now passing on.
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