Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"Imperial Phase"

"Imperial Phase"

Go to part 3 of this link in which 2 music journalists, Chris Molanphy and Alfred Soto talk about a phrase that the Pet Shop Boys' Neil Tennant uttered while they were at their peak, "Imperial Phase".

It's when an artist can do no wrong.  Usually it lasts a couple of years.  Everything they release is a hit, and influences other artists around them.   Think of an artist with a lot of hits and you can always find a segment of their career when they were so huge (Elton John 73-75 is a great example) that even their weakest hits went to #1 ("Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds").

This is a subject that's always fascinated me, and I wish I could have been part of their discussion.

Anyway, this is a good conversation.  Begins with Pt.  3.

And, BTW, the site which put together this conversation is run by Scott Woods.  I should have mentioned that in my initial post.  Sorry, Scott.

Here's a link to his website:

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