Thursday, November 28, 2013

Predicting the 2014 Rock Hall Inductees

A very tough ballot.  Last year was much more easy to predict. And to be honest, after my first 2, I'm stumped.  Again, these are my predictions, not my personal choices.  The Hall tells its voters to pick only 5 names.  But they've been known to induct 6. Lots of talk about how loaded this ballot is with many deserving names.  So, maybe they go big this year?  That's why I think 6 inductees seems likely.   But then again, they could go all in with 7(!).  But let's not dream too big here.

1.  Nirvana -  Nothing more to add.

2.  Linda Ronstadt - No way they can avoid her now. But will she show up?

3.  Yes - Not the sure shot that Rush was, but might be just enough

4.  Chic - Nile Rodgers had a big 2013.  If he can't get in this year, then when?

5.  Deep Purple - Among hard rock bands they always get mentioned first as a Hall snub.

6.  Link Wray - This year's wild card.  Have a feeling they are going to pull him out of this category and put him in as an Early Influence, they way did with Freddie King/Wanda Jackson.

Which could mean an opening for anyone of the names below.

7.  Hall & Oates - It took Abba 2 tries to get in.

8.  Peter Gabriel - Too soon after Genesis' 2010 induction?

9.  NWA - They really want this group in there, and soon, but I get the feeling not many voters think the same way.

10.  KISS - #1 with the ballot stuffing KISS Army, but I don't see enough regular voters who want them in.

11.  Replacements - Critical favorites.   Voters who championed them in the 80's have been talking up this nomination.

12. Paul Butterfield Blues Band -
Still think most voters don't know much about them.

13. Meters - The Neville Brothers would go in first ballot, but amazingly have never been nominated.  Maybe the Hall could do what they did with the Small Faces/Faces.  I wouldn't complain.

14.  Cat Stevens - Next year he'll get more support, after his new album comes out. And if he gets nominated again.

15. LL Cool J - Now thought of as a TV star.   His 80's/mid-90's reign as Rap's biggest male star kind of forgotten, sadly.

16. Zombies - They need  a household  band member name like Graham Nash of the Hollies to get them in on the first ballot.

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