Friday, October 28, 2016

Personal Picks: 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

These are my personal picks, not predictions.

19 nominees!?  The biggest ballot since 1990 (30 nominees!).  And 1997 (17 nominees).  Impossible to just pick 5.

Regardless of how many eventually get in,  the Rock Hall tells its voters to only choose 5 names.   Anyway, just for fun, the name with a triple*** would be my 6th choice.

All picks from the Top 5 and 6-15 are in alphabetical order.

Top 5
Chic  -  How many times can I shout it?  They were a top-notch band, not just a top-notch disco act. Have been a personal pick since they've been nominated.   11th year on the ballot.

Electric Light Orchestra -   They made great albums, and crafted classic singles.  Jeff Lynne is a genius. They've always been near the top of my snub list.

Chaka Khan - One of the best R&B vocalists of her era.  And the Hall needs more 70's/80's female R&B greats.   3rd nominated (2 solo, once with Rufus).

Journey - A big Populist act that gets under many critics' skin.  In other words, my kind of group. Yep, the Journey haters were out in full force when this was announced.  "Journey? Who's next?  REO Speedwagon. Styx?"  They were wrong then, and are wrong now.  Steve Perry forever!

Joe Tex - A tip of the cap to the NomCom member (Dave Marsh?) who got this incredibly underrated R&B great from the 60's/70's back on the ballot.   Southern Soul at its finest.  5th time nominated (first since 2011).  You have no excuse. Go explore his catalog.

Bad Brains - This year's surprise, no shocking nominee.  One of the best Punk/Reggae bands from the 80's,  I love their early stuff.

Joan Baez - A name I predicted would be a NomCom pick this year. Folk icon whose best era was her biggest: the 60's, of course.

Cars -   Ric Ocasek & Co. crafted some of the best singles in the late 70's/80's.  They are one of the few from that genre that crossed over to Classic Rock radio. And their albums were pretty good, too.  2nd year nominated.

Depeche Mode -  The big synth-Pop band of the 80's/90's,  I like the singles more than their albums.

J. Geils Band - Most people forget that before they hit #1 with the Freeze Frame album, they were kind of a R&B loving journeymen Rock band.  4th time nominated.

***Janet Jackson  -  Think about this for a second.  Is it possible that despite her influence on other female R&B singers, and her great run of hit singles/albums, that she is underrated?  2nd year on the ballot.

Jane's Addiction -  Not the biggest fan of this group, even though I respect his Indie Icon status. But I think that Perry Farrell's greatest moment was coming up with Lollapalooza.

Kraftwerk - Influenced EDM, Rap music and a host of Rock acts that wanted to dabble in electronic dance sounds.  4th time nominated.

MC5 -  One of the great, early Punk bands.  Music not as well known as the Stooges', but Rock just as hard.  2nd time nominated (last in 2003!)

Pearl Jam -   I've had a hit and miss relationship with this band's music.  Loved their debut and like many of their other albums.

Steppenwolf - Another surprise nominee. Hard Rock?  Heavy Metal?  Most only know a few of their songs.  But I say go back to their early albums and you will find some gems beyond their hits.

2Pac -   He could have had a great career as an actor when his Rap career slowed down (e.g. LL Cool J).  Some good stuff scattered throughout his catalog.

Yes -   My favorite Prog Rock act. In my personal Top 10 snub list. 3rd year nominated. Would be my 7th pick.

Zombies -  A band that never gets mentioned much when discussing the best British Invasion bands of the 60's, despite some classic singles and an incredible album, Odessey and Oracle.  2nd time nominated.
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