Monday, May 28, 2007

Feel Sorry For Record Companies?

They charge ridiculous prices for CD's and they never could figure out what to do about downloading, but all this talk of how the CD is dead is enough to make an anti-label guy like me want to stick up for those sorry folks. I own Ipod's and I download music, but I also buy CD's. But I'm a smart buyer, and am always looking for sale prices. The industry, of course, is killing themselves by pricing any single CD above $9.99. Today, the NY Times had another article about how the CD and the music biz as we knew it is dying. The kid's today might get a kick out of downloading albums, but I still like to hold product in my hands: lyrics, artwork. The suits are getting what they deserve from the public. They've screwed them for so many years, that now people have found a way to get back at 'em for overpricing inferior one-hit wonders. There's no turning back, but I'm holding on to my memories.
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