Monday, May 28, 2007

Stop Making Records?

Should older artists, who no longer get radio or video play, keep recording? I've been reading the Lefsetz Letter since the beginning of the year (because he's made some RRHOF observations), and he usually has a column about older acts that shouldn't record. I find this interesting and disturbing. His point is that the fans who see these acts in concert don't want to hear their new songs, and that the new songs miss the inspiration of the old ones. And on that I agree. Most acts don't realize that premiering your new album in lieu of your hits at a concert is asking for a twitchy audience. As long as they announce ahead of time that it'll be an all new music show, then no problem, other than that I want to hear some hits and maybe one or two brand new songs. It cost good money for concerts, and the fans want memories. But, wait, should a Paul Simon, Paul McCartney, Rolling Stones stop making albums because they won't sell like before? I say no, and most artists agree. People like Elton John (whose last studio album was good but bombed) still love the process of making records. Just as they did when they were younger. So, who cares, if they don't go platinum. All four of the above named people have put out good albums in the last couple years. Die-hards only buy them, but for those of us that do, it's a well worth it catalog addition.
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