Monday, November 24, 2008

Steve Perry's Winning Streak

What's that sound you've been hearing since last Summer? The sound of old school music critics crying and whining over the resurgence of Steve Perry and Journey into our daily musical lives. First "Don't Stop Believin'" is anointed #1 catalog download of all time. Before that the Sopranos used it at the end of their final episode. And the show I've just seen on VH1 Classic on the 10 greatest Male singers lists Steve Perry at #7. Oh, and Rolling Stone listing him in their 100 Greatest Singers Issue. I love it, because it's true. Journey and Perry just won't go away, no matter how much critics who despised their so-called faceless corporate rock in the 80's wished they would. But these stodgy crits don't understand what the rest of the public has known for a couple decades now: Journey were a great singles band (who made one great album Escape). That's why their Greatest Hits album is over 10 million and counting. We won and they lost. I can't wait for Steve Perry's comeback album.
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