Saturday, November 29, 2008

Vatican Forgives John Lennon

Did you hear the one about the Vatican forgiving John Lennon on his comments that the Beatles are bigger than Jesus? Well, that's what they've done, and I have no doubt that if Lennon were here he would get a big chuckle over the Vatican playing Rock critic. An English newspaper doing a 40th anniversary article on the White Album, got the Vatican to say that Lennon was just a young man who didn't really know what he was talking about. In other words, snooty adults know better than young mature adults. What Lennon said, and was widely misinterpreted, was the for some people the Beatles meant more to them than Jesus did. He was right, but it didn't really affect their popularity, and the ones protesting weren't real Rock and Roll fans anyway. Lennon, when he made those comments, was no kid. He was 26, and was growing out of his young Beatle phase. That the Vatican or any other stodgy institution would think that he was talking from an immature youthful heart only goes to show that in the end Lennon and Rock and Roll are alive and well. And still getting under people's skin.
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