Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tom Jones Open 24 Hours

With retro-Soul all the rave in England, who better than one of its first blue-eyed soulsters to launch his first album released in the States in 15 years, 24 Hours. But it was this rejuvenated genre that gets Jones' long overdue treatment. The 68 year old wastes no time on the lead track which is a cover of an old Tommy James song, "I'm Alive". From there he hangs for 6 minutes with a Bruce Springsteen song, gets a new one from Bono/Edge and writes his own retro-Soul stuff. If you don't like the Tom Jones with the Welsh bluster, than pass on this. Yes, there are some ballads, but Jones is best when he shakes his hips and unleashes his big voice. It's never seemed uncool to like Tom Jones. Yes, he was a Vegas showman, but there was always something more in his catalog and knowledge of Soul music that set him apart from the rest of the Supper club singers. Put 24 Hours on and let him take you back to the 60's. Tom Jones is as good a guide as you're gonna get.
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