Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The VMA's are a trudge to get through.  It's taken me this long to write about them.  They bore me, but the public tunes in.  It gets huge ratings.  I flipped past all the performers I'm tired of seeing:  Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Kanye/Jay Z, Foo Fighters, Chris Brown and the show went by much faster. The only ones that stuck out were Adele and Bruno Mars.  Did Adele win anything?  No worries.  She'll win everything at the Grammy's.
Adam Levine is right about one thing.  MTV is not a video channel.  Hasn't been for years.  But he's wrong about whether they have the right to broadcast a music awards show.  They do, just as much as CBS and broadcast networks do with the Grammy's and others.
Let's face it, no one cares about who wins these things.  The Grammy's are the only ones that carry weight.  This show exists for artist exposure only.
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