Thursday, September 29, 2011

2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ballot

These are my choices, not my predictions.  The Top 11 are ones I want inducted.
Ranked 1 to 15

1.  Spinners - My favorite R&B vocal group of the 70's

2.  Donna Summer - Disco schmisco, she had groundbreaking records, and a glorious run of hits.  And she wasn't just a Disco singer.

3.  Rufus featuring Chaka Khan - Chaka Khan was a powerhouse and a true diva.  Influential on tons of female R&B singers

4.  Small Faces/Faces -  Here's the thing.  If it was just the Small Faces I'd rank them lower but the Rod Stewart era Faces?  You better believe it!

5. War - Mixing it all up:  Rock/Soul/Latin, into a heady groove of great 70's singles

6. Heart -  Big voiced Women singers cite Ann's big voice as an inspiration.  And their best hits still sound good on AOR and even AC stations

7. Guns n' Roses - They should have been better, but they got too big, and flamed. Still lots of great stuff left behind

8.  Donovan -   He crafted some of the best songs during the height of the Summer of Love.  And those songs have held up darn good

9. Beastie Boys - Their 2nd album was the real classic.

10.  Joan Jett & The Blackhearts  - Something tells me I should rank her higher.  But for now this seems right.  Had the market on the tough Rock girl to herself for awhile (only Chrissie Hynde could match her, but Joan rocked harder)

11,. Laura Nyro - There's an influence there, I know,  but she always just misses with me.  Still she did write "Wedding Bell Blues" which is a plus for me

12.  Cure - College Rock pioneers I do realize.  But I prefer the Smiths.

13.  Red Hot Chili Peppers - Great rhythm section hampered by humdrum lead singer.  Like their singles more than their albums

14.  Eric B. & Rakim - They should have stuck with LL Cool J.   Not to be dismissive though.  These guys did make some great Hip Hop records, but this is their first time eligible and they are already nominated.  Too soon.

15.  Freddie King - I wonder why Albert King can't get nominated.  I liked him better than Freddie.  No check that.  I like Stevie Ray Vaughan better than both.   Clapton and Stevie Ray cite him as an influence, so let's give him credit,   but Albert and Stevie Ray were better.
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