Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2012 Rock Hall Nominee Reaction

There are things we now know:
Before Stevie Ray gets nominated, the NomCom's want to make sure they haven't overlooked any other Blues names.  First Freddie King, next could be Albert King.  But that doesn't mean that Stevie Ray won't get a nomination in the near future, just that the NomCom is holding off on him.  Probably because they know he'll go in right away.

They really want Donovan in.  I bet he came close last year.
So far the anti-Disco voters have done a good job of keeping out anyone in that genre.  This year the great Chic couldn't get nominated, which is good, because 2 disco names were cancelling each other out.  They are high on Donna Summer.

Rufus featuring Chaka Khan is a nod to funk?  I'm thinking so.
Someone brought up the Spinners at the NomCom table and everyone said the same thing, "They aren't in yet?".  If they don't make it, I hope they don't turn out to be a one-ballot wonder. There is support out there amongst voters for them.

Dipping their toes into College Rock, the come up with the Cure first.  Which means the Smiths or Depeche Mode will be next to be nominated.  I'd lump critic fave Sonic Youth in with those 3 as well, but they are deeper than the College Rock genre.

LL Cool J takes a seat this year in favor of Eric B. & Rakim.  But are there enough critics and fellow inductees who even know their music?

Heart and Joan Jett  mean that the Hall paid attention to their own Women in Rock exhibit this year.  Heart seems like another name that is hard to believe hasn't been nominated before.

The Small Faces/Faces is of course the most interesting.  Two bands that share members, but not the same sound.  Here's my personal take.  The Small Faces would be a No for me, but the Rod Stewart era Faces are a big Yes.  Very influential.  Buy their box set if you don't think they were one of the early 70's top bands.

Oh, and what the heck.  We also know that they really, really, really want the Beasties, Chili Peppers and Laura Nyro inducted.  But the voters have balked so far. I kind of wish one of these would get in this year, to free up space for others.

The overlooked list remains high.  Yep, the usual outcry over lack of Prog/Metal.  Sometimes I think the NomCom's love to give the finger to all the Rush fans out there.  You can just hear some of them saying, "we'll nominate them when we damn well please, so until then, f___off!".
And there is still a backlog of highly important names beyond the field of Prog/Metal.

And no, it's never to early to look ahead to next year.  The most probable nominees that stick out are Public Enemy, NWA and Jane's Addiction.  There are others, but I don't see them getting on the ballot as fast as these names.

I've already noted that no 50's R&B/Pop/Act is nominated this year.  I thought the "5" Royales would get a nod.  Maybe they are moving the goal posts on what an Early Influence is?
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