Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Eddie Trunk Rock Hall Interview

That Eddie Trunk interview with Joel Peresman, President of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, had some interesting moments.  You can listen to it on You Tube  (easily searchable).
But when VH1 bigwig Rick Krim, who's a NomCom member called and said he had never heard of Wanda Jackson when her name was brought up a their annual meeting, I had to laugh.  Or cry.

A NomCom member should know about all genres of Music going back decades and including today's music.  There's just know other way to say it.  If Toure doesn't know Prog or Little Steven doesn't know R&B, then what good are they when a certain name from those come up?

Frankly, I'm puzzled by all this.  I think you can find 30 people throughout the World who are well-versed in all genres, decades, etc.
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