Monday, December 12, 2011

Women and the Hall

Evelyn McDonnell has written a very strong piece on the Rock Hall's Women Problem.  Is it a problem.  Read her post.

I especially love this line about Madonna:  
"a dance-driven artist oft ridiculed by rockist pigs"     So true!   Madonna haters can't believe she's in the Hall.  Most of these are "Rock" fans who can't stand the idea of Pop acts like her and Abba getting a nod over some of their "Rock" idols.   Too bad.  Both are icons and both were great.  There's a lot of room under that roof for many genres.  

Anyway, back to the Hall and Women.  5 were nominated this year.  Good for the NomCom for getting that many on the ballot.  A coup!  But, alas, only one, Laura Nyro, got in.

The other 4:  Donna Summer, Chaka Khan, Heart and Joan Jett all would have been better than the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

McDonnell brings up some interesting snubs in Joan Baez (at first I said no, but now think she belongs) and Patti LaBelle.  But if Chaka can't get in, what are her chances?  But she's a good snub, as well.

Still, this is a good piece.  Snarky and hitting all the right points.  
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