Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2013 Songwriters Hall of Fame Nominees

I wrote a blog piece on the incredible list of names not inducted in the Songwriters Hall of Fame:


It's a pretty stunning list of names.  I don't know the demographics of the voting bloc or how many people vote or whatever.  But that list keeps getting bigger.  They will need to do a mass induction if they ever want to get caught up.


It's great to see Jeff Lynne and Rod Temperton nominated this year.  But whether they have a chance is beyond me.  There are other superb writers on this list.  Remember this:  Bon Jovi are in this Hall, but not Pete Townshend, Neil Young, Prince or Led Zeppelin, etc. etc.

But like I said above, the list of MIA's from this Hall is just hard to comprehend.
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