Sunday, October 14, 2012

3 Good NomCom Replacements (Updated 10/29)

Now that NomCom member and Rock Hall curator Jim Henke is stepping down from that position, it is still up in the air what his future with the Hall is.  One article I read says he's staying on as a consultant.
We shall see.
Also Rock Hall President, and another NomCom member, Terry Stewart is leaving, for sure, at the end of 2013.
Don't know if he or Henke will stay on with the NomCom, either.
I don't know who these 2 supported, and got on the ballot, but I'm all for fresh voices to be heard on that often criticized group.

But who could replace them?
There's a lot of candidates among non-writers, but for now I'm sticking with journalists.
I've always thought of 2 names that would make excellent choices.  What's strange is I don't think either one is even a voter.
And, no, one of them is not Eddie Trunk, thank you very much.

The two are Rolling Stone writer Rob Sheffield and NPR's Ann Powers.  Powers, 48, has written for many music pubs and like Sheffield has also written music related books.
Sheffield, 46,  main expertise appears to be the 80's-forward.  But he has also reviewed older stuff.
Powers has written many things about the Hall.
Both are very open-minded when it comes to what "Rock" is.  I'd take them over some of the dead weight that is hanging on with that committee (Robert Hilburn, Seymour Stein).

I'd also add Chuck Eddy to that list.  I know he always says he could care less about the Hall, but whenever I've said people like Chic or Donna Summer belong he always wonders why they aren't in.
Eddy used to be the Village Voice music editor.  He writes for reviews for Spin, Rolling Stone, Rhapsody.
He's written 3 great books (1 on metal, 1 anthology of his work & 1 on everything music).
Another open-minded voice the Hall could use.

Ann Powers tweeted that she can't take a NomCom job while employed at NPR.  Too bad.  Maybe some day down the road?

I should also state that I indeed thought of legendary music critics like Greil Marcus and Robert Christgau and others from that first generation of Rock critics.  I'm guessing they were asked when the Hall started.  My thinking is more in lines with critics who started out in the 80's-today.

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