Thursday, October 25, 2012

Prediciting The 2013 Rock Hall Inductees

These are my predictions, not who I want inducted.
While I'm pretty sure about my Top 3, that still leaves 2 or 3 slots open.
And the remaining 12 acts are for the most part pretty close in my rankings.
Yes, this is a tough ballot to figure out.

I'm going with 6 names this year, because that's how many got in last year.

1.  Donna Summer - Sadly, her death will get her the votes she missed in the past.
2.  Rush -  Actually all the publicity they've gotten over the years for not getting in has helped them.
3.  Public Enemy - Too much of a critical favorite to be ignored.
4.  Heart -  They've been out promoting a new album, new book.  It feels right for them this time.
5.  Randy Newman - Nominated back in 2005, yet many probably don't remember that.
6.  Albert King -Will the Hall pull another switch like they did with Freddie King, and put Albert in as an Early Influence?  If so, then my #7 becomes my #6 pick.

And the rest:
7.  Deep Purple - A nod to baby boomers and especially metal fans.  Like Rush, one of those bands fans have been asking for.  But is that enough to get them in first time nominated?
8. Procol Harum - They had other great songs.  But come on, this is all about that song.  Could pick up massive Baby Boomer votes.
9.  Chic - 7 times nominated.  The Hall can't keep nominating them and seeing them fail to get in.  It's going to get too embarrassing.  But 2 Disco acts inducted in the same year?
10.  Meters - Nominated so long ago in 1997, that many think this is their 1st.  But will it be enough this time?  If the Hall wanted they could induct them as sidemen, but I doubt it.
11.  Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - Could surprise some, especially now that they are on the ballot again.
12.   Paul Butterfield Blues Band -  Their greatness was short-lived, and they were nominated back in 2006.                                                                                                                                      13.Kraftwerk -  With the current EDM scene all over the place this year, their influence is apparent.  But do voters know that?
14. Marvelettes - Never underestimate the power of the Motown vote, but seems like a first time nominated induction is too soon
15.  NWA - This year's Eric B. & Rakim nomination.  And when will LL Cool J show up again?
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