Thursday, October 04, 2012

2013 Rock Hall Nominees Reaction

Nope, not surprised the Spinners are not back on the ballot.  But Dave Marsh, who is a big supporter of R&B Vocal groups getting inducted will be getting an email.

As for the others, not too much of a surprise on the returning nominees from last year's ballot:  Heart, Donna Summer, even Joan Jett.  All 3 were on my prediction ballot. And  good sleuth work by Future Rock Legends, who saw that the 2012 Nominee pages for those 3 were missing this week, thereby guessing that they might be on the 2013 ballot.

As for the rest:  Rush and Deep Purple aren't a surprise. But Procol Harum are. Prog Rock fans will be happy.
Thinking a group like ELO won't get nominated until a group like Procol Harum get in.  But that's just early musings on my part.

Stevie Ray Vaughan will have to wait until all other Blues acts that he was influenced by get in.  Last year was Freddie King.   But Albert King may be the last of that bunch (Johnny Winter next?).

Can the Motown magic put the Marvelettes in as well?

The returnees include the Meters, Paul Butterfield, Randy Newman, Chic, Joan Jett, Donna Summer,  Heart and Kraftwerk.

Both Public Enemy and N.W.A. are first time nominees, again no surprise.

And all those people who thought the Hall would be persuaded by the Grim Reaper:  no Monkees or Whitney Houston nomination for you.

How is this all going to go down with voters?  Are Public Enemy and Donna Summer shoo-ins?  Will Baby Boomer voters flock to Rush, Procol and Deep Purple?   Will anti-Disco voters wake up?  Of the 15 nominees, 8 are returning.

My prediction ballot will be interesting.

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