Thursday, October 17, 2013

2014 Rock Hall Reaction: Who's Missing

Always lots to ponder when it comes to the Rock Hall's latest nominees.

The only surprise snub from last year among the 16 nominees is the absence of Joan Jett.  Thought she would be a perennial nominee.

Questlove's first year as a NomCom member and it looks like he got Hall & Oates finally nominated.  But I remember when Cliff Burnstein got the Spinners on the ballot.  They haven't returned.

No R&B vocal groups (e.g. Spinners) from any era nominated.  Wonder what Dave Marsh thinks of that.  He's vocal on this.

And no R&B singers from any era nominated.  Puzzling and disappointed.

Even huge 80's names like Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston can't get nominated. Might be years for both.  Although Questlove tweeted when Whitney died that she should be in the Hall.  But list is growing.

Procol Harum get bumped by Yes? Or one-year wonder?

The Replacements take the 80's prize over the Cure or the Smiths or Depeche Mode.

I'm still in the dark when someone like the Smiths will get nominated.

Once Yes get in, maybe Roxy Music is next.  I know they aren't Prog Rock, but some see them as Art Rock.

Hard Rock fans should be happy.  KISS and Deep Purple nominated.  But if you want more names from that era in, then at least 1 of those names has to get in soon.

Monkees fans thought Jann would give in this year.

Zombies are this year's Hollies/Dave Clark Five nominee.  A great Brit-Invasion band that should appeal to Baby Boomers. I think they took the Monkees spot.

Looks like Link Wray took the guitar hero slot we keep thinking Stevie Ray Vaughan will get every year.
Having said that, I think the Hall might move him to an Early Influence slot to make room for another inductee.
Your guess is as good as mine as to what is holding up a Vaughan nomination. I've run out of theories.

The Rap NomCom members (Toure) are gonna keep NWA on until they get in.  The other slot will keep fluctuating.  This year it was LL Cool J.

Shouldn't a Country act finally get nominated again? Willie Nelson and Glen Campbell would be strong picks. Both would go right in.

Still lots of deserving names left to nominate and induct.  Don't listen to anyone out there who tells you that the Hall is running out of deserving names.  They aren't.

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