Sunday, October 13, 2013

Joel Whitburn

Every home should have a copy.  Whether you spring for his Top Pop Hits or the condensed Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits.  However you get there, get there.  I just updated 3 books:  Pop Hits, Country & Soul.  I was in dire need of an update on the last 2, although not so much on the first one.  But I went for it.
Yes, you can get Whitburn's books in E-form now, but there's no fun in that.  I like the hard copies.  And yes you can find all chart info with the click of your mouse, but there's no fun in that.

I'm Old School this way.  I like the hard copies of his books.  Let me say that Whitburn is one of the heroes of Rock Music research.  There's no one better.

No, his books aren't real cheap, but they are a bargain.  Go to and you'll find something for your tastes.
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