Sunday, November 03, 2013

My Picks for 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Again, these are my personal picks, not a prediction.  This is a tough ballot.  The Hall tells its voters to pick 5 names.  But lately they've been inducting 6 acts.  So, consider the Top 6 the ones I would choose.

1.  Chic - I've suppported them from the moment they first appeared on the ballot.

2.  Hall & Oates - Perfect Pop moments for an entire generation.

3.  Linda Ronstadt - A most disgusting  NomCom snub for someone who influenced so many female vocalists.

4. Yes - They were better than Rush.

5. Nirvana - Life cut short, meant  Kurt Cobain never made a bad album.  But his impact would have remained 25 years later, even if he had lived.

6.  Meters - I think the records they made aren't underrated but overlooked.  Some of the funkiest ones in the early 70's.

7.  Kiss -  Seems like more critics despise them now than ever.  But they were fun in the 70's. That's how I remember them.

8.  LL Cool J - People are underestimating his impact on Rap.  Being thought of as an actor has hurt him with Hall voters.

9.  Deep Purple - Hooks and bombast and riffs galore.

10. Cat Stevens - Early stuff was indeed the best.

11.  Paul Butterfield Blues Band - White guys who could play the Blues. But they were really, really good at it.

12.  Link Wray- One of the first guitar heroes. But he did make other records besides "Rumble".

13.  Peter Gabriel - A little too soon after the 2010 Genesis induction.  But I liked most of his solo records.

14.  Replacements - Good, sometimes great until they faded in the late 80's.  But wish other 80's bands were in their nominated slot this year.

15.  NWA -  Liked them better solo.

16.  Zombies - Fine Brit invasion hits and one classic album.
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