Sunday, October 26, 2014


Did you know that Bob Seger put out a new album 2 weeks ago?  Ok, I did because it's what I do.  Follow that type of stuff.  So, on release day I fire up my Spotify search for Seger's album and nothing.  There's not one album or song listed under his name.  Now I knew he was a holdout on Itunes for a long time, but is there now.  Still, I thought he and his management would realize it's 2014 and people aren't going to be buying a new Seger album without hearing it first.  Then I checked for Kid Rock, who is managed by the same company, and he's not there either (but is on Itunes).

Not sure why I care about this subject anymore.  I used to post about it years ago, but then moved on.  Yet, I think it's funny that anybody would be holding out in late 2014.

Just for old times sake I did a Spotify search on some old faves that weren't on there in the past:  Bee Gees, Metallica, Bad Company.  They were all there.  Even good old Garth Brooks who isn't on any of these, has his own site for downloading his albums.  (Wonder how long that will last?) But wait?  Def Leppard?  Nowhere anywhere because of a dispute with their former label.

I don't want to get all Bob Lefsetz on anybody who's reading this.  But my point of all this is simple.  It's  almost 2015 and if I can't stream your album to see if it's worth buying, especially a heritage act like Bob Seger, than I will move on.  As will everybody else.

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