Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Personal Picks

These aren't my predictions, but my own choices.

Maybe we'll get lucky and the Hall will induct 7 names this year.  But usually they stop at 6.  Still, consider all names below #7 ones that just missed the cut.

I actually like all these artists, but some mean more to me than others.

Here's a link for my predictions:
2015 Rock Hall Predictions

My personal picks:

1.  Spinners - My favorite R&B vocal group of the 70's.  But everyone knows that by now.

2.  Chic - Oh, how I'd love to see the anti-Disco voters bow to Nile Rodgers & Co.

3.  Stevie Ray Vaughan - He had to wait while Albert & Freddie King got inducted.  But he's finally here.

4.  Smiths - The best British Indie-Rock band of the 80's.  Maybe the best Indie-Rock band of the 80's.

5.  War - Nominated for the 3rd  time.  Not sure why they don't get more respect.  There 70's singles & albums cut a pretty powerful rhythm on the charts.

6.  Bill Withers - You know the hits.  Now go back and listen to the rest of his catalog. Especially the early 70's albums.

7.  Marvelettes -  I know some will say they are only getting nominated because of the Motown magic.  But they were one of the best girl groups of the 60's.

8.  Paul Butterfield Blues Band -  Listened to their first 2 albums quite a lot this year, and can finally hear what made them so special.  If you've overlooked them, I suggest going back to those records to hear what made them so unique.

9.  Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - Gave the Top 40 in the 80's  a great blast of girl power punk.

10.  Green Day -  Does anyone think they are one of the great Rock bands of all time?   Lots of good songs and one great album, Dookie.  Still better than most bands that came out of the 90's

11.   Kraftwerk - Their electronic dance sounds have grown, not just on me, but on an entire EDM generation.

12.  N.W.A.  -  Maybe they were more influential for the way they changed the Rap landscape than they are for their own music?

13,  Nine Inch Nails - Never wholly bought Trent Reznor's pain.  Even if I did like some of the sounds that went with it.

14.  Lou Reed - Neither death nor the decade since he was last nominated has changed my opinion that his solo years aren't Hall worthy.

15.  Sting -  I bet even he doesn't think his solo career is Hall caliber. Wait, this is Sting we're talking about.  I take that back.
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