Thursday, May 31, 2007

Induct Gram Parsons Somewhere!

I got an email to sign a petition to induct Gram Parsons. But not into the RRHOF, but the Country Music Hall of Fame. As one of the inventor's of Country Rock, I say, why not. I remember Emmylou Harris (who also belongs in the Country Hall) once saying she believe that Parsons should be in. But here's the funny thing, Parsons isn't even in the RRHOF. He's been nominated 3 times (2001, 2003, 2004). When the Byrds were inducted, he was left off the list of names included. Parsons' chances of getting into the Country Hall seem remote to me. This is a very conservative Hall that values traditional artists. It took them forever to induct Elvis and the Everly Brothers. And Jerry Lee Lewis isn't that Hall, either. Parsons' chances for the RRHOF should've been better, but are getting tougher as the years pass. So, yes, it's another embarrassing slight by the RRHOF.
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