Friday, October 05, 2012

CD Turns 30

The first CD to go on sale was in Japan, Billy Joel's 52nd Street.

The first CD I bought was Elton John's Greatest Hits at a Wherehouse in California.  Expensive at the time.  And that's been the CD's problem since its inception.  Price.  That's why Napster was born.

There was some news about this 30th anniversary of the CD.   Most of it centered around the fact that sales are down, digital is the future, and, well, CD's could be dead soon.

That may happen.  If it does I'll adjust.  Just like I did when vinyl went dead and CD's took over.  I'll keep buying albums (yes, albums!!), even though a lot of people just buy digital tracks.

But there is hope for the album as album.  Mumford & Sons sold over 600,000 copies of their album this week.  Give people something they like and they will still buy good old albums.

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