Sunday, October 07, 2012

Shoo-In's & Other Thoughts

This 2013 ballot is strong, but will it be tough to predict and choose?

The shoo-in's appear to be Rush & Public Enemy.  With Donna Summer also getting mentioned.

Maybe the long abscence from nomination will help Deep Purple.

Will the Marvelettes be a surprise pick or this year's Chaka Khan & Spinners?

There are 8 returning nominees.  Outside of Summer, Heart and Chic, some haven't been nominated in so long that many out there thought they were first time nominees.

Will that gap between nominations be kinder to Paul Butterfield, Meters, Kraftwerk and Randy Newman?  Could newer voters push any of those over?

As I said in my Albert King post, we also don't know what the Rock Hall has up its sleeve in order to get more names inducted.  Push Albert to the Early Influence category?

Will there be 5 or 6 inductees from this ballot.  Or 7 if you add King.

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