Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rhino Records Book

Harold Bronson's Rhino Records Story can be a dry read sometimes, especially when it comes to contract talk, but it's still a valuable read.  Bronson, along with Richard Foos, co-founded Rhino Records, the greatest reissue label ever.   He's got a story to tell and this takes you from the label's small origins to its days rubbing shoulders with the majors.

No doubt helped by the CD boom of the 80's, Rhino pretty much had the reissue business to itself until the major saw that catalog could indeed sell.  But what made Rhino so great was that it put out quality stuff.  And, unlike all others, thought outside the box.  Hell, the liner notes themselves were worthy of awards.

Eventually, as with most things music related, the majors got involved and while Rhino product was still worthy, finding good things to release began to dry up.

Back before the internet, the Rhino mail-order catalog was a trip to the mailbox worth taking.  I ordered my share of things through it, and the best part was looking at the track listings of titles you were interested in.

I wouldn't say Bronson's book is for music geeks only.  It's an old rags to riches music label story.  A great label worth cheering for.
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