Friday, October 25, 2013

Music Books

These are books that I can recommend.  Most came out this year, some last, and some I bought and others found in my local library.  Must say you can skip the memoirs written by Pete Townshend and Neil Young.  Oddly enough the Clive Davis one is better than both.

Pops (Life of Louis Armstrong) - Terry Teachout
I'm Your Man - Life of Leonard Cohen - Sylvie Simmons
The Doors - Greil Marcus
Soundtrack of my Life - Clive Davis
Turn Around Bright Eyes - Rob Sheffield
Mo' Meta Blues - Questlove
Return of the King - Gillian S. Gaar
Merle Haggard - David Cantwell
Outlaw Waylon, Willie, Kris and the Renegades of Nashville - Michael Streissguth
Rhino Records Story - Harold Bronson

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